Service Modules (from Phase-III Macro System)

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Service Modules provide frequently requested tasks in a standard format with limited parameter set.

Name Purpose Algorithm
%GEN_INTV() Generate 2 formats from list of intervals. Reads list of ranges and generates two formats; &fmt_name.g for correct sorting; &fmt_name.f for using the supplied ranges as a group label during tables generation.
%GEN_TYPE() Generate list of _type_ for number of vars Generates list of _type_ values from supplied number of variables. Provided _type_ values are calculated with respect to generation of hierarchical weights.
%GEN_WGTS() Generate hierarchical PCT-weights as Data Generate matrix of weights to provide hierarchical percentages in table generation.
%GEN_RECO() Generate character format for recode Read sequence of blank separated assingments to be used in Proc Format. A character format named according to the supplied &fmt_name is produced.
%EXP_INFO() Generate format from two variables in dataset Generates format from variable and primary key from dataset. Format generation is type sensitive.
%IMP_INFO() Generate new variable In dataset using format Generates new variable by mapping a primary key with a format and makes it available using an sql view.
%ADDGROUP() Ins. group information using lookup dataset Transports information from dataset_A to dataset_B by combining the services from %exp_info and %imp_info.
%GEN_MAIL() Report execution status to local e-mail recipient For batch execution immediately report which module executes in what report environment. Specific return codes supplied send appropriate messages.