Info Modules (from Phase-III Macro System)

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Info Modules provide information about datasets and variables for correct processing.

Name Purpose Algorithm
%GET_ATTR() Return single attributes like label, format, etc. Reads dataset header and returns attributes as undeclared macro variables using the requested attributes names. Information becomes available when the particular variable is declared in the calling environment using a %global or %local statement.
%GRP_DESC() Provide information about a categorial variable Investigates given categorial variable and provides results using undeclared macro variables: &n_grp - number of distinct values; &v_grp – structured list of distinct unformatted values; &l_grp – structured list of distinct formatted values.
%CHK_LIST() Provide information about a list type macrovar Reads supplied list of tokens and returns undeclared macro variables: &n_lst - number of list elements; &v_lst – structured list of supplied elements. Input list elements may be separated by blank and comma only.