Nullifying Newton (911 Investigator 1.1)

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Nullifying Newton: Official Story Violates Laws of Physics / High School Physics Teacher Corrects NIST

from 911 Investigator 1.1
Physics teacher David Chandler forced NIST to admit WTC 7 experienced over two seconds of free-fall

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) maintained in its August 2008 Final Draft Report, and the associated technical briefing, that WTC Building 7 took 40% longer to collapse than if it had been in freefall.

NIST Project Leader Shyam Sunder explained that WTC 7 could not have come down in free-fall, because there was resistance to the fall provided by the steel structure underneath. But a determined high school physics teacher in central California, David Chandler, demonstrated that NIST was using fraudulently manipulated data to try to show a slower rate of collapse.

WTC Building 7 in Free-fall
Video evidence shows constant downward acceleration of WTC 1 roof

NIST, when confronted publicly with evidence produced by Chandler, finally admitted in its November 2008 Final Report that WTC 7 fell for 2.25 seconds in free-fall, but they brushed off this newly acknowledged fact as being "consistent with the results of the global collapse analysis," despite Sunder's earlier statement. Thus, the NIST Simulation and analysis represented a multi-million-dollar effort to avoid explaining what really happened.

Many other physics analyses are presented by Chandler on his website, applying the laws of physics to WTC 7 and the Twin Towers. For a more detailed account of the unexplained features of the destruction of WTC Building 7, see the article on page 1.

The North Tower's Destruction: Race with Gravity

Using measurements from network television Videos, Chandler was able to show that a series of what he describes as "demolition waves" travels down the side of the North Tower (WTC 1) even faster, at times, than the debris falling through air outside the Tower. This officially unexplained phenomenon can be seen in the video clips, Race with Gravity, and more recently Acceleration + Serendipity, at Chandler's Website. Either something is moving through the building as fast äs the debris is falling through air, or what we are seeing is a wave of timed explosions. This wave of ejections is the fastest-moving feature of the collapse, racing far ahead of the overall building collapse.

"North Tower Exploding"
Collapse or Explosion?

Incredibly, NIST took its analysis of the destruction of the North Tower (WTC 1) only to the point in time when the building started to collapse. The visual evidence therefore was omitted from their analysis and Final Report. Yet it reveals the most critical features of the tower's explosive destruction that can clearly be seen by anyone. Chandler shows in the video North Tower Exploding a series of widespread, continuous, explosive ejections of material occurring on multiple floors at once. Individual steel frame members weighing many tons are ejected horizontally, some at speeds exceeding 70 mph. Some steel members traveled horizontal distances of 600 feet. Others embedded themselves in the walls of neighboring buildings.

The top section of the building, above the airplane impact point, is what NIST claimed crushed the rest of the building to the ground. But the top section is seen being destroyed in the first 4 seconds. And after that there is no visual evidence of anything crushing the building. The building is seen tearing itself apart - and, äs Chandler documents in his next video, at an incredible rate approaching free-fall.

Downward Acceleration of the North Tower

Chandler clearly demonstrates in "Downward Acceleration of the North Tower" on his website that the top section of the North Tower (WTC 1) accelerated down at a constant rate which equaled about 2/3 of free-fall.

Using basic physics he notes that the fact that the top section continued to accelerate downward proves that the top section was not exerting enough force to destroy the lower section of the building. Rather, it was the destruction of the lower section by other means that allowed the top section to continue to accelerate. This is again strong evidence for the use of explosives.

Be sure to see the rest of these excellent Videos, including "Cutter Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center", which shows how Chandler was able to link two "puffs" to an actual column being cut. These are striking examples which use high school physics to provide a devastating challenge to the official conspiracy theory. Additional critical analysis can be found in Jim Hoffman's essay NIST's 3-Year $20,000,000 Cover-up of the Crime of the Century.