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Exposing the EXPLOSIVE WTC Evidence

First Edition: v.1.1 - 2010 / 1000 Architects & Engineers Investigate the Destruction of all 3 WTC Skyscrapers

Published by
AE911Truth in cooperation with the Rock Creek Free Press
Editor: Gregg Roberts
Layout: Matt Sullivan
Asst. Manager: Rich Caragol
Architect & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
2342 Shattuck Ave., Suite 189
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510)292-4710
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AE911Truth lit up the NYC skyline at 9:11 pm on 9/11/10 with a third beam of light. WTC7 may be the key to justice for the lives lost in the Twin Towers.

The third beam was the original Inspiration of the creative team at BetterBadNews.com. It was brought to life by AE911Truth volunteer, Barbara Honegger, who was encouraged by NYC CAN co-founder Manny Badillo and AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA.

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First Edition v 1.1 includes updates and corrections