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Domino Instant Reporting System

The Domino Instant Reporting System is an ETL engine that automatically utilizes the local DBMS data dictionary to open any transaction data structure from applications for instant reporting.



  1. Today there is no justification left for expensive and inflexible techniques known as star scheme data mart.
  2. For that reason the Domino Instant Reporting System neglects manual/handmade or halfway tool based generation of data marts which has been practiced widely unquestioned in Business Intelligence over the past two decades.
  3. The Domino Instant Reporting System exploits information kept in the DMBS used for driving applications. Efficiency of initial implementation is directly dependent from the quality of maintenance of the DBMS' data dictionary.
  4. After initial implementation the system permanently performes extraction transformation and loading (ETL) mechanisms providing the user an appropriate data structure for instant and authentic reporting from application data.
  5. The following are some special features provided.
  6. The time dimension for historization of data is produced automatically.
  7. Compound attributes from m:n relations that cannot be normalized are translated into primary keys.
  8. Metadata tables are generated and maintained automatically to trace and document the path an application data value has taken from its source to any report produced.
  9. Every component of the Domino data structure is time-stamped for status documentation of source data when used in a report.