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"One of the ACG’s flagship initiatives is the American-German Young Leaders Conference, which was launched in 1973. These meetings bring together approximately 25 Americans and 25 Germans, from age 28 to 38, from academia, business, government, media, and the military, to discuss global and German-American issues while establishing lasting personal and professional relationships. The conference was conceived and initiated as a biennial meeting by John Diebold, a venture capitalist who also served as Vice Chairman of the American Council on Germany. In collaboration with Christopher Emmet, one of the founders of the ACG and its full-time Director, the idea was proposed as a joint project to the Executive Board of the Atlantik-Brücke. Enthusiastically approved, the first conference was held at Haus Rissen in Hamburg. Until 1988, the conferences were held every other year. They now occur annually because of the importance of the objective and the success of the earlier meetings. The number of U.S. Congress members, German parliamentarians, corporate CEOs, and Ambassadors who have participated as delegates in these conferences attests to the effectiveness of the selection process and to the long-term benefit of the program for both countries."

(entnommen aus "A Brief History on the American Council on Germany" in der Internetpräsenz des Council)


  • Young Leader programs, including the annual American-German Young Leaders Conference for emerging leaders from Germany and the United States, along with multilateral Young Leader programs for professionals from Germany, the United States, and other countries;
  • Policy discussions with experts on transatlantic issues in New York City and at the Eric M. Warburg Chapters around the United States;
  • Fellowships for young German and American professionals in agriculture, environmental policy, immigration, entrepreneurship, journalism, and urban affairs, as well as academia;
  • Policy conferences convening high-level opinion shapers and leaders from government, business, academia, the military, and the media; and
  • Study Tours that give Americans a close-up look at the German political and economic landscape.


The American Council on Germany
14 East 60th Street
Suite 1000
New York 
NY 10022
Phone: 212-826-3636
Fax: 212-758-3445


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